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Cheers & Jeers – January 2012

It’s time for the 1st installment of “Cheers & Jeers,” the January 2012 edition. 

Cheers to:

  • A great New Year’s Eve party at our friend Jamie’s house. Thanks for opening up your beautiful home!  It would have been crrrazzy trying to get ready for a party when we got home from being gone a solid week late that afternoon.
  • Planning out my “Finish Year” goals.
  • An awesome birthday on the 2nd. I turned the big “26” this year. Oh, how time flies! I’m not quite knocking on 30’s door yet, though my hubby is. 😉
  • “FREEDOM” and Passion’s dedication to it.
  • The hubs and I joining the YMCA and working out an average of at least 3x a week together, if not more.
  • This crazy “winter” weather that has kept temperatures higher than normal and snow totals far lower than expected.
  • Lunch with Lora & Amanda.
  • Lunch with Becky & all her help with networking.
  • Finalizing our summer vacation plans with this awesome lady and her Business Man. Is it July yet?!  The beach is calling my name.
  • Dinner and game night with the Nishimotos.
  • Community group each Monday night.
  • Getting to watch Rachel’s daughter, the adorable Ainsley, each Friday for a while.
  • Re-starting Bible study with 10-12 beautiful ladies of all different ages. I feel very privileged and blessed to lead them in community.
  • Both of us joining the “Once Upon A Time” fan base – what a great, clean show!
  • Back rubs while we read Real Marriage together – more than halfway done (more to come on this later).
  • Having a really good check-up with the transplant team.
  • Our book finally starting to head towards completion! 😀
  • Re-connecting with local media to prepare for the book’s release! 😀

Jeers to:

  • Having to spend money on unexpected home repairs.
  • Being really busy and not having as much down-time with John.
  • John’s friend from college passing away…and him learning of it months after the fact. 😦
  • The weather (yes, I know that was a “cheer”) – my sinuses aren’t a fan of the up-and-down temps!
  • Not being completely on target with Goal #3. I hate playing catch up!
  • Not being as intentional at calling out-of-town friends as I had planned on.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but my head feels like it’s in the clouds from this slight sinus infection, so that’s all she wrote, folks!

How was your January?



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