2012: “Finish Year” – Goal #5

My “Finish Year” goal-making is coming to an end.

During the past week, I’ve made a total of 4 goals for my 2012.

If you haven’t read my other posts, you can easily catch up by going here:
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Goal #2
Goal #3
Goal #4

What’s my grand finale?

Goal #5 is to achieve a personal goal I can’t talk about on my blog.

Now I realize my vagueness is going to lead to disappointment. Before you dismiss me, though, please hear me out.

There’s just some things you can’t say online that could be easily traced, or should I say, you shouldn’t say.

I thought really long and hard about writing about some other goal, one that I could actually articulate. I thought through all these other things that I plan on trying to do in 2012 that would have made a better blog post, but in the end, I remembered something: I vowed when I started this blog that I wouldn’t write to please you. Don’t take offense to that. I just don’t write for a certain stat number. I write for the continual renewal of my soul.  So, since I just don’t really don’t have another goal that means as much to me as this one, I’m going with this one, as opaque as it is.

God knows. I know. My husband knows as do my close friends. If you are really dying to know, and are willing to pray for me as I pursue this goal (and aren’t just trying to be a snoop), email me and I’ll tell you, too.

It’s nothing sensational, believe me. Any rumors that are started that tell you I’m getting a divorce, that we’re using a surrogate (though we’re not opposed to such a thing but that goes against goal #4), that John and I are starting a local TV series like Giuliana and Bill (though that would be super fun), or that I’m fulfilling some long-lost dream of running for some political position (though that also sounds fun) are all untrue.

This goal coming to fruition depends on a lot of factors, many out of my control and others that don’t seem to have the easiest of answers. If it doesn’t happen, for whatever reason, life will move on. If it does, though, I’m going to be really, really happy. I’m going to do my best to happy even if it doesn’t, which I know I can’t do in my own strength.

I’m praying for contentment as I wait and see what happens, for contentment in all things.


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