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The Royals & Sanctity of Life

I know many people who have had miscarriages this year. I’m sure you do, too.

Though I have (as far as I know) never experienced a miscarriage, I find myself always extremely emotional when I find out one of my friends has been stripped of the opportunity to meet, at least this side of Heaven, their baby.

Notice I did not say “fetus,” just as interestingly no one (or hardly anyone), even in the liberal media, is calling the unborn royal child just a “fetus,” either. If only we treated each and every unborn child conceived in this world with as much dignity as Prince William and Princess Kate’s unborn son or daughter, with as much anticipation about the contributions they could one day make to society. If only we would celebrate their extreme worth instead of advocating for their disposal if bringing them into the world is not “convenient” to their mother.

What if Princess Kate decided having this royal child was going to cramp her style and she didn’t want to be a mother right now? Wouldn’t it then be her “right” to terminate the pregnancy? I just wonder what the public’s reaction would beΒ  to such a decision – hardly in her favor, I’m sure. As far as I know, out of the hundreds of different things people are betting on when it comes to the royal offspring (gender, probability of twins, hair color, name, God parents, christening outfit’s designer, you name it), I have yet to hear of thousands lining up in England to bet on Kate getting an abortion. I also have yet to hear of any bets on her miscarrying, either.

Why, though?

Because deep down, we all know that ending a human life is wrong. We all know that the loss of any unborn child is a tragic event which proves we’re far from Eden. It just takes a child of extreme importance, at least according to marred, human standards, to remind those who fail to see that every child is already a Prince or Princess in their Creator’s eyes, even if they are just a lowly pauper on Earth.

To my friends who have lost children this year, my heart goes out to you. Your children may not be recognized by many in this world, but that doesn’t change their value to God. Their life still counts – still has weight – no matter how short it was, no matter if any of it was lived out of the womb or not. They will never be forgotten.



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Giving Thanks In The Waiting

2012 has been a rough year, to say the least.

Though I’ve alluded to most of those difficulties on the blog, you have no idea how hard it has been forΒ  me to not divulge more – much more. As one who feels restoration through being open and creating an environment where others feel the liberty to be “real” too, it has been hard to not let most of the world know (in person or through writing) just how incredibly challenging (and refining) 2012 has been for me.

We all have times like the ones I experienced the past several months, those I-am-just-going-to-have-to-grit-my-teeth-and-bear-it-even-though-I’d-rather-die-right-now times.Β  I had about 3 of those seasons this year, with a small reprieve in the Spring-early Summer. Let’s just say this year hasn’t been fun.Β  I’d say it’s been even hard than 2005, which if you recall, is the year I underwent a double lung transplant. Yes, I’m being for real. This girl doesn’t play. πŸ˜‰ If you knew everything that has gone on, I think you’d agree with my seemingly outrageous statement.

Through it all, though, I’ve continued to be reminded that God is still sovereign and good. He is still enough.

Though life has not gone my way this past year and has been filled with unpleasant surprises, God was never surprised. In His sovereignty, He has allowed what the enemy meant for evil for my good and His glory – in more ways than one. Though I still wait for direction and movement in many areas of my life, I trust in Him to see me through, like He always has. I say ‘thank you’ and lift my hands in thanksgiving to Him, the Giver and Sustainer of all things.


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Tonight was trick-or-treat where we live, aka 2 hours of children dawned in costumes running around our neighborhood looking to find as much sugar as humanly possible in a short amount of time.

No, it’s not quite Halloween, but I grew up in these parts, so having trick-or-treat before Halloween is not strange to me! πŸ™‚ Trick-or-treat in our old neighborhood bombed, meaning only 1 kid showed up in 2 years. 😦  John and I didn’t know what to expect where we live now. We purchased 5-6 bags of candy but sadly ran out after the first hour, oh well. At least we had some awesome company join us for a few hours. πŸ™‚

Tonight during trick-or-treat, I had a few thoughts

  • Always say “Happy Halloween” or something fun to the kids when you greet them — act like you’re happy they’re there and enjoying themselves. Don’t focus on all the money you spent on miniature candies that will all be consumed within a few hours time and not by you, doing so will just depress you, even if you found a really good sale.
  • Always be appreciative of the kiddos who say “thank you” and say “you’re welcome” back.
  • Don’t let children choose their own candy; they won’t just choose one treat but instead 3-5.
  • Save the “good” candy (Reese’s cups) for children (under the age of 12) who are actually fully dressed up or those who are super polite.
  • Watch out for three year olds that say, “I’d like that one, ma’am!” when you give them one type of candy and they want another.Β  When they’re older, they’ll be ones who cast the visions of the future but could also be a bit pushy, too.
  • Appreciate the parents who are out in the cold with their small children helping them to each door; don’t be surprised when they have their own bag of goodies, too. Kindly give them a treat;Β  just make it a root beer sucker or something a grown-up should be able to appreciate even if the kids think it’s lame.
  • Prune your miniature rose bushes back so children’s costumes don’t get caught on them as they walk by — sorry, little girl. πŸ™‚
  • Give the kid who comes to your door 4 times in an hour a less desirable treat each time he dares to ring the doorbell. Start out with a Reese’s (if he meets the aforementioned criteria), then something like a MilkyWay, then start dolling out the suckers (just not the red ones — those are good).
  • Give the 18 year olds with the huge pillowcases and lack of creative talent costume-wise your not-so-great candy. They’re way too old for this. Give them more grace if they’re watching their younger siblings and dressed up with them. Still, don’t give them a Reese’s. These are for the children only.
  • Buy more than 5-6 bags of candy when you live in a large subdivision that’s full of “babymaker” houses, as John calls them. The majority of people may not spend their middle-aged years in these homes, but there’s definitely a lot of young families.

What have YOU learned from passing out candy?

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Suck It Up

If there’s one thing I’ve been telling myself the last 72 hours or so, it’s been “suck it up, Amber.”

It being the snot and blood stuck up my nose that is continually going down my throat since my surgery on Thursday.Β  Is it next Thursday yet? I’m very ready to blow my nose!
It being the throbbing in my head from not being able to take pain medication since I’m allergic to it.
It being the itchiness that still hasn’t completely gone away from said allergic reaction to the pain medication.
It being this strange stupor I’ve been in since yesterday morning when I took my first Benadryl to combat the itchiness. Whoever takes this stuff for fun should be shot. It completely has whacked me out


If you can’t tell, I haven’t been feeling myself the past few days. Right now, I’m laying on the couch while my hubby is outside raking leaves or something; he told me what he was going to do, I just don’t really remember what he said. I went to church this morning for our missions conference (thankfully we taped a video beforehand so we didn’t have to speak, just be there) and felt completely dumb falling asleep in the 2nd pew from the front, but alas, the sleep felt good.Β  I felt bad I couldn’t follow anything the guest speaker was saying, but through it all, I knew Jesus loved me and knew my heart…even if any time someone came to talk to me, they left the conversation more bewildered and confused than ever before. I promise I don’t have a drinking problem. That’d just be the Benadryl talking. The more hours I get between myself and my last dose of it, the better. I’d take the itchiness over this head-in-the-clouds feeling any day.Β  At least I’m providing some entertainment for John, though I think he’s getting stir cray and ready for me to be back to normal.

I don’t really like not feeling coherent, not remembering when people stop by to visit me, and not being able to hold down a solid conversation with my hubby in more than 3 days, but I know this time will soon pass. I’ll be good as new soon, or so they tell me…so for now, I’ll try my best to rest and suck it up. πŸ™‚

I don’t really know why I wrote this post, so I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sure when I read it in a couple of days I’ll get a good laugh, too. For now, I think I’ll just go back to sleep!


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Help, please. πŸ™‚

If you recall, a while ago I started a home business through Thirty-One to help pay off my hubby’s school debt faster, so that we’re in a better place financially to adopt at least one, if not two, of our children.

Thankfully, it started out really well, but business has definitely slowed down.

A lot.

Now, granted, I haven’t been really promoting the products as much as I could – or should have – been. There’s just been a lot of other things on my mind, in particular revising this and getting the ministry back up and running for the re-release Lord-willing this Fall (stay tuned for details!).Β 

I knew I wanted to really push the business in the Fall, as our products, the majority of them able to be personalized, make great Christmas gifts…but as for the Summer, was planning on just being available to take orders if and when anyone wanted anything.

Anyway, in the hubbub of life, I kind of lost track of my sales requirements.


I now need to place an order of at least $75 by the end of the month to stay an active consultant.

Can you help me, please?

The products are super cute and, more importantly, are very functional for many, many different uses!

The company is faith-based, which I love, and I hope to continue working as one of their consultants.

I realize money’s tight for many, many people, but if you have been thinking about getting a gift for yourself, a friend, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend of a friend, etc., please consider ordering one from Thirty-One!

If you have any questions regarding the June special or anything else, please feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook.



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One Question

I love the feel and smell of new books.

I could live in a pile of books and be content. As a writer, there’s nothing that inspires me more than putting pen to the page, than reading the prose of others who have gone before or those who are still living and wrestling through their thoughts.Β  I don’t even have to necessarily agree with the author. If they’re honest and passionate about their message, their story, then I can respect their fervor; not necessarily agree with but respect it nonetheless.

Simply put, books make me plain happy.

I received two books in the mail today and am so excited about reading them! My current choices are One Thousand Gifts (been waiting on this for a long time!) and 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

What’s more exciting is the fact that both of them were FREE! Thank you, Swag Bucks!

I’m not sure how long they’ll go unread, considering the after-the-snow-ice/snow-storm (better known as a “winter lasagna” by my pastor) that will be bearing down on our quaint, brick home the next thirty-six hours or so. I may have some extra reading time on my hands. Darn. πŸ™‚

As John and I gear up to re-release my book, my mind is filled with a million thoughts and questions. Will people buy it? Will people care? Will they like the new cover?Β  Will anyone ask me to speak ever again? Are we just re-hashing the past for no good reason? What’s after this, Lord? The list goes on.

What I’m re-learning through it all, though, is one simple truth.

Only 1 question matters:

Am I trying to please or impress men or glorify God?

My answer to that question is the most crucial decision I make every day, new book or not. Because you know what? No, some people won’t get why we’re re-launching Breathtaking and not doing something new from the get-go. Some people won’t buy it; OK, a LOT of people won’t buy it…but I sure hope some of you will. It would encourage my hubby, not to mention me! πŸ™‚

In the end, what matters is that I’m obedient, that my mind is steadfast on Him (Is. 26:3) and the work He has for me.

I’m just thankful that “work” for me involves books, and that Breathtaking, the Revised Edition is only the beginning.


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