2014’s “One Word”

As I have done in the past (read here and here), I have chosen a “word” for 2014. 2013 somehow didn’t get a “word” assigned to it at the beginning of the year, though I came close.

Out of all the years I have participated in the “one word”  movement, I would have to say that this year’s “word” came to me the easiest; it was also the first time I had my word picked before the new year even began.

This year’s “word” for me is undaunted.
I alluded to it in my last post on what 2013 taught me, which was much more than I was expecting.

In the aforementioned post, I wrote:

I read a quote on New Year’s Eve that really spoke to me:
“A new year is at hand,” the king said. “We cannot tell what it will bring. If it brings peace, how thankful we shall all be. If it brings us continued struggle, we shall remain undaunted.”
King George VI

That is my prayer for 2014, that I remain undaunted in my commitment to the Lord and His sovereignty and goodness, no matter what befalls me this upcoming year. Whether it be another year of not having the opportunity to be a mother, another year of disappointments and confusion, or even death. By God’s grace, as long as I’m alive, I pray I remain undaunted in my commitment to Him.

Lord, let it be so.

Yes, Lord! Let it be so!

It is only January 16th, and I can already tell you that, as I experience life’s natural ebbs and flows, I am not always going to feel that it was a wise choice to pick the word “undaunted,” but I do know that it was the word the Lord has for me this year. I have no idea what He is going to allow throughout my 2014, but as I press on through my journey, I will daily ask for the grace to remain undaunted in my service to Him and others.

Not only will I ask for grace to remain undaunted in my commitment to His sovereignty and goodness – no matter what, I will also ask for the grace:

  • To remain undaunted in my commitment to loving others as Christ as loved me, especially my husband.
  • To remain undaunted in my belief that the Lord will give us a child(ren), even when the waiting seems long and harsh.
  • To remain undaunted in my commitment to never live without personal boundaries again, so I can be emotionally healthy for those in whom the Lord has asked me to invest more fully.
  • To remain undaunted, in whatever He asks of me this upcoming year.

Do you have a “word” for 2014?


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  1. I love this choice for a word! That quote is a good one.

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