What’s In A “Word?”

If you’ve read my blog for a year or more, you know each year I pick my “word.” If you recall, my “word” in 2012 was “freedom” and “fearless” in 2011.

Did I always walk in “freedom” in 2012 and feel “fearless” in 2011? Hardly.
Did I at times, though? Yes, very much so.

2 years ago, I wrote this:  A word’s power is only provoked by its author’s willingness to unleash and embrace it. For example, you can say your “word” is “contentment”. If you don’t choose to not only ask the Lord to discipline you to be content,  but also choose to participate in your sanctification, repent and change, your word (literally and figuratively speaking) is dead and useless.

Looking back, I realize that I didn’t always unleash and embrace my “word” like I had planned. I didn’t always choose to not only ask the Lord to discipline me to live out my “word” but also choose to participate in my sanctification, repent and change so that my word wasn’t dead and useless.

At times, especially in 2012, I did feel like my “word” was dead and useless, because I certainly wasn’t feeling freedom. I wasn’t feeling fearless, either. In fact, I completely forgot for a while I had even picked a word last year, let alone that I picked a word as powerful as “freedom.” I guess, at least in a way, I failed both years (esp. last year) to grasp the point of even choosing a word. Life happened – a lot of life. During the turmoil which was my 2012, my “word” and its meaning to me quickly faded out of my memory, as I dealt with wave after wave of grief, stress, sadness and every other intense emotion I felt most days of the year.

I lost perspective, and in the process, I lost my freedom.
I lost my “word.” I don’t want to lose perspective again, no matter what life brings us this year.

I haven’t chosen my “word” yet for 2013, but when I do, I plan on doing it with an intentionality with which I did not choose the two previous years’ words. I plan on fully unleashing and embracing it, so I can watch God use it for His glory and my good.


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  1. Rosanne

    A word is only as powerful as you let it be in your life. I am praying for great things for you this year! I know God is going to bless you more than you can even imagine!! ((Hugs)))

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