The Royals & Sanctity of Life

I know many people who have had miscarriages this year. I’m sure you do, too.

Though I have (as far as I know) never experienced a miscarriage, I find myself always extremely emotional when I find out one of my friends has been stripped of the opportunity to meet, at least this side of Heaven, their baby.

Notice I did not say “fetus,” just as interestingly no one (or hardly anyone), even in the liberal media, is calling the unborn royal child just a “fetus,” either. If only we treated each and every unborn child conceived in this world with as much dignity as Prince William and Princess Kate’s unborn son or daughter, with as much anticipation about the contributions they could one day make to society. If only we would celebrate their extreme worth instead of advocating for their disposal if bringing them into the world is not “convenient” to their mother.

What if Princess Kate decided having this royal child was going to cramp her style and she didn’t want to be a mother right now? Wouldn’t it then be her “right” to terminate the pregnancy? I just wonder what the public’s reaction would be  to such a decision – hardly in her favor, I’m sure. As far as I know, out of the hundreds of different things people are betting on when it comes to the royal offspring (gender, probability of twins, hair color, name, God parents, christening outfit’s designer, you name it), I have yet to hear of thousands lining up in England to bet on Kate getting an abortion. I also have yet to hear of any bets on her miscarrying, either.

Why, though?

Because deep down, we all know that ending a human life is wrong. We all know that the loss of any unborn child is a tragic event which proves we’re far from Eden. It just takes a child of extreme importance, at least according to marred, human standards, to remind those who fail to see that every child is already a Prince or Princess in their Creator’s eyes, even if they are just a lowly pauper on Earth.

To my friends who have lost children this year, my heart goes out to you. Your children may not be recognized by many in this world, but that doesn’t change their value to God. Their life still counts – still has weight – no matter how short it was, no matter if any of it was lived out of the womb or not. They will never be forgotten.



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4 responses to “The Royals & Sanctity of Life

  1. bethdavis10

    this is exactly what I needed to hear today 🙂 thank you for your compassion and encouragement! I kinda felt like the only one, I’m sorry to hear I have not been. My heart also goes out to your friends…it is very hard and no, the little one will never be forgotten…ever.

  2. Steph Flamm

    Well said, Amber! Great, thoughtful post.

  3. Joie

    good points 🙂 …loved this…I’m gonna have to share!

  4. Thank you for sharing this on my Facebook timeline. It’s so strange in this world to value life as “life” but thank you for pointing out that no matter what we may think, God’s value of life doesn’t change. So very encouraging.

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