“You make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things out of us…
You make me new. You are making me new.
– Gungor

This year has been full of changes for me.
A few have been welcomed. Most…well not so much.
It is what it is, though. My life keeps changing, and I am forced to move on with it.

I don’t want to just exist in my current reality, though. I want to grow and adapt well.
I want to do more than that, though. I want to thrive no matter where I’m planted.

Right now I’m planted smack dab in the middle of a very difficult season in my life – again – and trying to make sense of it all. I feel like I’ve been here, in some shape or form, this whole year.That’s probably because since February I have been. Just when I thought my life, at least career-wise, was moving in a very positive direction, things changed again. After a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime virus ravaged my body all Summer long, unfortunately my dream job is sadly no longer available. For the second time this year, I feel like an idiot with no direction in my life. I am unemployed.

Instead of jumping back into the work force right away, however, my wonderful husband and I have decided that God would be honored by me taking this time to see to it that our book gets finished. You can read more about our adventure so far this year with those plans by going here (and please do). We both feel that honoring our commitment to seeing its completion through to the end — despite the long, hard road its been – is vitally crucial to us being obedient to Him.

We want to finish what we started.
We want to watch Him make beautiful things out of dust.

Sadly, I can’t put the book together by myself, though I wish I could. That’d be so much easier. Instead I’m relying on people thousands of miles away, on a process that I thought was going to be completed several months ago but hit more roadblocks than you could ever imagine. By not working, however, I can be readily available to check on  how things are going and answer any questions immediately, which can only speed up the process. Working full time really took a toll on how much I was checking up on things. Now it’s my #1 focus, and Lord-willing its release date will be moved up exponentially because of it. I also will be able to devote plenty of time to working on the new ministry website once we’re to that step.

Due to where we’re at in the process, there’s not a ton to do with the book right now, which has left me with a lot of idle times on my hands. I’m trying to figure out what to do with said time; knowing how to spend it is definitely a work in progress. Though I’m not a very scheduled, regimented person, I do enjoy knowing I have x amount of things to get done in a day. I thrive under pressure and a love a busy schedule. I like to feel productive, but more importantly, I like what I’m doing to has eternal purpose; that is something extremely important to me.

So, in my time of constant waiting and changes, I pray for purpose and focus, no matter what season I find myself in. I am believing that, after almost a year filled with more than I would have wanted to go through in a lifetime, I am once again allowing Him to make me new.


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  1. Oh, the challenges of this life that continually remind us to look up and to remember He is forever about making all things new. May GOD light the way as you walk this path.

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