Don’t Believe The Lies: Part 2

As I said talked about in the first post of this series, we all buy into at least a few of the lies others believe about us.
Not all of them – but some, at least if you’re like me, i.e. a human.

Some lies sting more than others.
Some lies easily roll of our backs.
Some lies we carry with us for an hour.
Some lies we carry with us for years.

As we talked about yesterday, though it’s vitally important to have others in our lives who can help remind us the lies aren’t true, ultimately the person who is most responsible to deny the lies any power in our lives is us. Not our spouse. Not our best friend. It’s you and me.

How do we do that, though?

The easy, Sunday school answer is “through Jesus and the power of the Cross, which is revealed through His Word! Amen!” As one who graduated with highest honors with a Biblical Studies degree, I know that is technically the right answer. To be frankly honest, though, it’s not the answer I want to hear when I’m hurting, the answer I want to give when those with whom I’m in community are struggling with lies from the Father of Lies. At least it’s not the complete answer I want to give.

Why? Because, if they know Christ, they already know that answer; it’s just an answer (usually given in a heartless, “I’m more spiritual than you” tone) that makes them feel more guilty when the Truth is having a hard time moving from their head to their heart. I’m not saying we shouldn’t point ourselves or others back to Christ and the hope we find in Him, but I don’t think we have to deny our humanity, and the emotions that come with it, in the process. In fact, I think doing so negates God’s ability to heal us to the core.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be healed to the core. I want to take part in God’s desire to redeem and restore, not hide and cover up. I don’t want to lie to myself or others and act like there aren’t lies from the enemy with which I don’t struggle. I don’t know what your list looks like, but mine’s pretty long and painful these days.

From feeling like less of a woman (and wife) because I most likely can’t bear my own children, to wondering if those in my life who refuse to see me as more than  a sickness-waiting-to-happen are justified in their thinking, to wondering if my husband would be happier with someone who came with less physical “baggage,” to…you get the picture. I’m just as messed up, or more, as any of you.

I usually daily have to combat all of these lies, sometimes multiple times in one day. It can be rather exhausting. I fight for my joy, though, because I know that’s the last thing the Enemy wants me to do. As I think of the lies I tend to believe about myself, I am reminded of one of my favorite hymns, Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus. My favorite line says, “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus. Just to take HIM at His Word. Just to rest upon His promise. Just to know thus sayeth the Lord. 

Jesus doesn’t think I’m broken, so neither should I or anyone else.
What lie(s) from the pit of hell about yourself are you believing and allowing others to speak?

Fight for your joy. Don’t believe the lies.



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  1. diane2222

    God bless you for your spiritual journey. I Books to try.and.reach others for Christ!

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