Did You Write A 2nd Book or Not? What’s Up With That?

Remember when I posted the preface for that revised and expanded edition of my book I was supposedly writing with my husband?

I know what you all are thinking – “What in the world is taking so long?!?!” 
[sigh] I feel ya. I do.

Maybe you just honestly forget that I was working on a 2nd book, or didn’t even know I published my first one in December of 2007. You can admit it. It’s OK. If so, on one or both accounts, I completely forgive you. It’s not like I’ve been touting it on Facebook or this blog. Why not? Well, let’s just say there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes, things I could have never planned for or could have imagined would happen, things that have sadly severely delayed the publication of BreathtakingThe Revised Edition and caused me to have to keep silent on the book and its progress.

The worst part of it all?
We have had absolutely no control over any of it.

Nonetheless, on the positive side of things, God is in control of our book’s future and always has been. He was not caught by surprised by any of the circumstances through which the ministry, and John and I personally, walked through the past several months. We know the Lord has called us to release a revised and expanded edition of Breathtaking, so we’re not giving up. I won’t lie, though. There have been times we certainly have wanted to walk away from it all and almost did. It was during those difficult hours of prayer, tears and conversation, however, that John and I had to remember the calling He gave us as a couple before we were even wed, a calling greater than ourselves and for an eternal purpose.

As I’ve always said, no, the ministry will never look the same as it did before I got married (living out of a suitcase is not conducive to a marriage), but that doesn’t mean it has to shut down all together. It also doesn’t mean we can just throw in the towel and give up because life got hard and letting everything go seems like the option that causes the least stress.

No, the will of God isn’t always an easy path; sometimes God calls us to do hard things. We can choose not to and miss out on His presence, or we can forge on for His glory.

We’re choosing to move forward, and we pray you are still up for taking the journey with us. We’re so sorry for the delay. It’s frustrating, we know, but focusing on the past certainly isn’t going to get us anywhere. We must embrace the present.

In doing so, we’re also going to be embracing technology and re-leasing the 2nd book just as an inexpensive E-book, for now, to save on $$ and, to be honest, my sanity. We hope to have an approximate release date soon. The new book will include that preface I released before on this blog, as well as 2 new chapters, and a new epilogue written by my better-half (best part of the book by far). I can’t WAIT to get it finished for God’s glory! We turned the manuscript in for this revised edition in July 2011, so we’re quite anxious to see this project come to fruition.

I’ll admit there’s a small, small part of me that has that silly fear I had the first time around that tells me no one will even buy my revised memoir, especially since much of it is the original text. I desperately want to share the new text with readers, though, so I hope people jump on the bandwagon and want to hear what I’ve been doing since Dec. 2007. Regardless, if no one buys it or not (please do, though!), I know I’m being obedient to His calling; that’s all that matters to me and to John. That’s all that should matter to any of us.

So, yes, I did write a 2nd book, and that’s what’s up with that. 🙂
Please spread the word!



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