A Month’s Time

A lot can happen in a month.

I can testify to this; a lot has certainly been going on in my life recently. It’s hard to believe this roller coaster I’ve been on all started just a month ago, but alas, what seems like a lifetime has only been a matter of weeks.

Like it or not, life has changed.

I can choose to embrace the changes and become better because of them…or I can get bitter. The choice is mine. The choice is yours when it comes to your own life.

We all daily make that choice, sometimes multiple times in a twenty-four hour period. Life does not slow down and wait for us to catch up; it doesn’t always cooperate with our ambitions and well thought-out plans. People, no matter how well-intentioned, don’t always make the road easier, either.

One thing is for certain, though:
Life ebbs and flows by the sole movement of His hand, not ours.

Though many never come to terms with it, we are not the captains of our own souls. I’m thankful I know the One who is, though. I am thankful I know the One who is faithful and true, the One who, if I let Him, will always give me the capacity to be better and not bitter, no matter my circumstances.


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