2012: “Finish Year” – Goal #2

As we embark on this new year, I’m in the middle of my “Finish Year” posts.

If you recall, after being inspired by Jon Acuff, I’m sharing 5 goals I have for 2012.

So far, I’ve shared Goal #1.

Today’s all about Goal #2, which will be a personal goal.

Goal #2 is:
Finish the Couch-to-5K running plan at least 2 times during 2012.

Last year, goal #9 of 50 was: “Run 5, if not 6, days a week (currently doing 3-4) until we can get our bikes back out.”

HA. Yeah, totally didn’t do that.

Oh, well. Let’s not dwell on the past but instead move forward and embrace the present!

I think my new goal is much more achievable. After taking classes with a friend at our local YMCA for the past several months (and paying a lot more for them since I wasn’t a member), John and I both became members of our local YMCA yesterday. What a great birthday present from my hubby! This means, though, that I won’t be hitting our treadmill as much as I usually do during the winter months but instead will be balancing my time at the facility with both my friend and my husband. I’m really excited about being able to get off the hamster wheel at home and take full-advantage of the Y and not having to leave after my kettle bell or Les Mills’ CXWORX class ends. My body always responds best to both regular cardio and weight training, so with this membership, I have absolutely NO excuse for not being in good shape. I’ll just have to hit the treadmill either there or at home 3x a week during the two 9-week spans that I choose to complete this program – no biggie.

As for whether I’ll actually run a 5K this year, we’ll see. I always am hesitant to run outside since I have such horrible sinus and allergy problems, but with more training, I think I will feel much more equipped to cross that goal off my list. With inspiration from a friend that ran them several months pregnant, and another friend that is seeking this year to qualify for the Boston Marathon(she’s my hero), I definitely want to at least run a 5K before I die.

Goals #3-5 to come!



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2 responses to “2012: “Finish Year” – Goal #2

  1. sara

    You can totally do the couch to 5k. I did it but never got around to signing up for and running in an actual 5k.

  2. Rosanne

    You go girl! I absolutely despise running, but I can do a mean vinyasa! lol Hope you enjoy your membership! 🙂

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