2012: “Finish Year” – Goal #1

Of my of my favorite authors/speakers, Jon Acuff,  has deemed 2012 “Finish Year.”

I’m taking him up on his dare to write down 5 things I want to finish while I’m 26, minus 2 days.

Yes, today’s my birthday. 🙂  To kick off being a new age, instead of doing a “26 while 26” goal list, like my 2-part “25 while 25”  last year (wayyy too much), I’m just going to focus on 5 things I want to finish with excellence instead of 50 goals I’ll end up doing semi-well, if at all.

Here’s to finishing the following during 2012:

#1. Releasing Breathtaking, the Revised Edition, re-launching the ministry’s website, and hitting the road again to speak with my hubby, though on a smaller scale than I was doing when I was single. YAY! 🙂 In my mind, this is all one goal; one things leads to another.

This goal is well on track to being achievable. We were hoping for this all to be accomplished by Christmas 2011, but if you know anything about the publishing industry, things never seem to happen the way you planned. 😉 It’s kind of hard to be out speaking about a book that doesn’t exist yet, so first things first. We’ll definitely keep you all posted, though, and would really appreciate your support! No matter how out-going of a person you are, it’s rather nerve-racking throwing yourself back out there when your last book was published four years ago (so hard to believe!) and you’ve been off the speaking circuit for over two years. For someone like my husband, who is pretty reserved and only writes because it’s required by his job, this goal that has required him to not only write several pages of text, but also help turn a ministry I started as a single lady into a corporate venture, has been more than daunting. We’re still praying and talking through how this is all going to look, but we’re a much more united front on this matter than we were a year ago. I’m so proud of him, though, for no longer being afraid of the task God has given us but instead being excited about what we’re going to be privileged to do. As one who is an extremely “big picture” person, my counterpart’s ability to consider every – and I mean every – detail comes in handy with the day-to-day operations of the ministry and keeps things running smoothly.

I haven’t enjoyed all the countless hours of behind the scenes work that has had to go on the past several months, but I know it’s all going to pay off soon when a new book is in our hand, a nifty new website that clearly communicates what we’re all about, and Lord-willing many platforms to tell our story for His glory.

Goals #2-5 to come! Stay tuned!




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2 responses to “2012: “Finish Year” – Goal #1

  1. Becky

    Great to read the update on your (corporate) ministry. Will continue to pray for you and John.

  2. Chrissy

    excited for what God has planned and the adventure you and John will have along the way. Let me know if y’all will be speaking on this side of life and I would love to bring a smile to the audience and a pair of ears to hear what you have to share! Love and God’s Blessings, Chrissy

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