In Sickness…

I vowed to love my husband in sickness and in health.

For the past 36 hours or so, he’s not only needed loved through his sickness, he decided to share.

Again. Yes, for the second time in 2 weeks, my hubby came home with a bug and passed it on to me. He’s really susceptible to stomach bugs, and since I don’t really have an immune system and also  don’t sleep on the opposite side of the bed, the germs always make their way to me rather quickly.

Fun. Or not.

I was just fine when I wrote my last blog post Tuesday night, so was he. Then Wednesday morning came and it was downhill from there. Needless to say, I haven’t had time to think about my 5 goals for next year.  All I’d really accomplished until we took a shower a while ago was either cuddling and sleeping in our bed or doing the same on our family room couch. I did go out last night to the pharmacy, but that was only because it’s not wise to skip doses of medication when you’re a transplant patient. I figured feeling gross was better than dying, so off I went.  I picked up some Emegen-C while I was out with my Extra-Care Bucks. Even though we don’t have a cold, something about buying the box of vitamin-filled packets made me feel like I was going to get better faster or at least ward off something else as we get ready to be gone for a week. Some people, including a pharmacist, swear by this stuff; anyone have any opinion on it?

John’s been worse-off than I the whole time, but thankfully, I think the worst is over for both of us. After another good night’s sleep, I think I’ll be ready to eat pizza and goodies with my friends tomorrow night. I sure hope so, anyway. I only get LaGrande once a year, and only see these friends a few times a year (if that), so I’m not planning on missing another Christmas party. We were scheduled to host a party here at our house last night and sadly had to cancel.  Thankfully, my awesome friend, Sara, and her husband graciously agreed to host everyone so the party could go on without us.  Thanks, guys! We love you!

Even though my Christmas break hasn’t gone as planned thus far, I still love my life.

I still love my hubby…in sickness and in health. Can we just not get sick again for a while, please?! 😉



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