2012: “Finish Year”

I really appreciate Jon Acuff and always read his professional blog as well as his fun blog

If you recall, earlier this year I wrote about his book Quitter.

Now, I’m taking Acuff’s dare.

I’m going to figure out what 5 goals I want to finish in 2012 and blog about it in the next five days.

Completing 5 things should be much easier to fulfill than the 50 expectations I had written in January 2011 for me and for my marriage. Most of the goals on my marriage list were met (that’s where I tend to put most of my focus and rightfully so), while some of the ones on my list of things I wanted to accomplish on a personal level were never even touched.

Bummer. I hate making goals and then not meeting them, let alone not even trying! 😦

That’s not happening next year.  No, Sirree.

I’m honing-in my focus on what the 5 things I really want to accomplish in 2012, the 5 things I really want to finish – not just start.

After all, as Jon said, “Starting a project doesn’t change the world. Finishing a project changes the world.”…even if that’s just your world.

As Priscilla Shirer has said, we all have boxes. i.e things in life that take up our time. Most women think that when you line your 7-8 (or however many) boxes in a row, in order to be living a “balanced” life, those should all be equally full. She would say that is very skewed logic, and after trying at points in my life to equal out the attention given to all of my boxes and sorely failing, I would agree.

The truth is, we can’t give equal time and attention to our marriage, our job, our children, our friends, our ministries, our hobbies, etc. If we try, we will just burn ourselves out and do everything in mediocre fashion instead of doing a few things well. We’ll fall into the trap of thinking we’re Superwoman when we’re far from it. Different seasons in life require we give more (or less) attention to some boxes in order to fully live-out God’s calling on our lives. If we take on some boxes, like marriage, we’ll always be giving a lot to that box, or we should; the same goes for when we become parents. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our friends if we don’t find we have as much time to spend on those relationships as we did before. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about people if we can’t serve on every club, and serve at every function, known to man. It also doesn’t mean we don’t love the Lord if we can’t teach every Bible study or support every Christian organization out there doing good things for His Kingdom.

How we divide our boxes is indeed a very personal decision.
It’s a decision that has to be consciously made, though, or it’ll inevitably be made for us.

I’m still working on balancing out my boxes. One box I know I need to work on is the “me” box. That may sound strange, but since getting married, often I find myself putting myself on the back burner too much. It’s not because my husband is asking me to do so. It’s because I don’t always value what brings me joy and then wonder why I feel so spent when I don’t spend any time on the little (and big) things that make me happy.

I think at least 3 of my 5 goals is going to be a personal goal, and I’m going to do my best to not feel guilty about it!

Writing makes me happy. I do know that. That’s why I’m sitting here blogging while my husband sits on the floor wrapping Christmas presents, a project that I could live without. Thanks, Baby. I love you! 🙂

So, as I start thinking about mine, what’s your 5 going to be?


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