Finding My Voice

I wrote a Facebook status update earlier this week knowing that not everyone would care for it.

What I failed to realize when writing it, however, was how many people were going to be encouraged by it.

What was the post that caused a bit of a firestorm?

Well, read for yourself:

Wives, if your husband watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night, you have problems. If he watched it while cuddled up next to you, you have bigger problems. Men, grow up, grow a pair and just say “no” to soft porn and “yes” to enjoying your wife and her alone. Ladies, don’t let half-naked women, or men for that matter, into your home or your thoughts. Put down those stupid, graphic romance novels and your vibrator while you’re at it. Neither are helping the situation. Rant over.

Honestly, the post wasn’t created with opponents, or even proponents, of my stance in mind.
I wrote it because I felt it.

I wrote it because I had a strong conviction in that moment and couldn’t keep it to myself.
I wrote it because it needed to be said – either by me or someone else.

Call it a “Tim Tebow” moment, if you want. Call it what you will, I wrote it, and my digital footprint will prove it long after I die.

Surprisingly, through writing it, and consequently defending what it really meant, I learned something about myself.

I still have a voice.

Not only do I have a voice, I have the guts to say things others just won’t, for whatever reason.

I encourage you to stand for your convictions, as well, even if they aren’t necessarily mine. I can respect someone who disagrees with me, so long as they have the sticktoitiveness to stand and not waver in their opinion.

For those that do agree with my sentiment above, don’t be ashamed.
For those that don’t agree, well, we’ll just agree to disagree.
We all have a voice. How will you use yours?


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  1. Karen Jackson

    Thank you for this.

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