Tonight was trick-or-treat where we live, aka 2 hours of children dawned in costumes running around our neighborhood looking to find as much sugar as humanly possible in a short amount of time.

No, it’s not quite Halloween, but I grew up in these parts, so having trick-or-treat before Halloween is not strange to me! 🙂 Trick-or-treat in our old neighborhood bombed, meaning only 1 kid showed up in 2 years. 😦  John and I didn’t know what to expect where we live now. We purchased 5-6 bags of candy but sadly ran out after the first hour, oh well. At least we had some awesome company join us for a few hours. 🙂

Tonight during trick-or-treat, I had a few thoughts

  • Always say “Happy Halloween” or something fun to the kids when you greet them — act like you’re happy they’re there and enjoying themselves. Don’t focus on all the money you spent on miniature candies that will all be consumed within a few hours time and not by you, doing so will just depress you, even if you found a really good sale.
  • Always be appreciative of the kiddos who say “thank you” and say “you’re welcome” back.
  • Don’t let children choose their own candy; they won’t just choose one treat but instead 3-5.
  • Save the “good” candy (Reese’s cups) for children (under the age of 12) who are actually fully dressed up or those who are super polite.
  • Watch out for three year olds that say, “I’d like that one, ma’am!” when you give them one type of candy and they want another.  When they’re older, they’ll be ones who cast the visions of the future but could also be a bit pushy, too.
  • Appreciate the parents who are out in the cold with their small children helping them to each door; don’t be surprised when they have their own bag of goodies, too. Kindly give them a treat;  just make it a root beer sucker or something a grown-up should be able to appreciate even if the kids think it’s lame.
  • Prune your miniature rose bushes back so children’s costumes don’t get caught on them as they walk by — sorry, little girl. 🙂
  • Give the kid who comes to your door 4 times in an hour a less desirable treat each time he dares to ring the doorbell. Start out with a Reese’s (if he meets the aforementioned criteria), then something like a MilkyWay, then start dolling out the suckers (just not the red ones — those are good).
  • Give the 18 year olds with the huge pillowcases and lack of creative talent costume-wise your not-so-great candy. They’re way too old for this. Give them more grace if they’re watching their younger siblings and dressed up with them. Still, don’t give them a Reese’s. These are for the children only.
  • Buy more than 5-6 bags of candy when you live in a large subdivision that’s full of “babymaker” houses, as John calls them. The majority of people may not spend their middle-aged years in these homes, but there’s definitely a lot of young families.

What have YOU learned from passing out candy?


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  1. I always ask the kids what they dressed up as if there is any confusion. I usually call them Princess..or witch or iron man or whatever they are. One little boy couldn’t have been over 2…I thought he was the green hornet..and I asked him if that was who he was and he gave me the biggest sad face…his Dad corrected saying he was the green lantern but of course still a sad face..well then..I said let me give you some more candy…and he hopped off happily as could be…trick or treating is probably one of my favorite things 🙂

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