I. Love. You.

I love the way you are what I’m not.
I love the way we fit together.
I love the end of every day with you,
for worse or for better.
…I love loving you.

– Savannah Packard for Giuliana & Bill

As I continue my “rest” period post-surgery, I thought I could blog some more for your reading pleasure.

I ended up re-trying the Tylenol-3 today after I woke up in extreme pain. Thankfully, I don’t feel itchy (must have been allergic to just the Narco), but I also feel less alert, too. Oh, joy. Pain medicine really messes you up! In any case, I didn’t get much accomplished today. I’m getting rather bored laying on the couch doing nothing, but I guess that’s what you do after sinus surgery…or so I’m told.

One thing I was able to achieve today was that I uploaded onto Facebook some pictures we recently had taken for our anniversary, and more importantly, for our website and promotional materials for the new book and ministry. I don’t upload photos very often at all, so enjoy them; there won’t probably be any new ones for a while. 🙂

While I was uploading them, I reflected upon how blessed I am with an incredibly awesome – and hott – husband. I feel so privileged to be entering this new season of ministry with him and know God has brought us together for His glory and our good. I can’t wait to tell others of His sovereignty and goodness amidst human suffering with this man – my man, John Payne.

While he cooks me dinner, allow me to show you his cuteness.

In black and white

In color

In antique

While I heal up, my better half has really stepped up and gotten a lot done around our home since I’ve been out of commission. He’s been my cuddle buddy for four days now, only leaving long enough to go run necessary errands or go to work (I guess one of us better keep working this week!). He’s prayed with me and loved me as Christ loves the Church.  He also went out and bought me awesome white roses, too. I don’t need a $40 bouquet to feel loved; the $3.99 spread from Aldi’s was just as beautiful to me! Live simply, people.

Most of all, live in love. I do. 🙂

I love you, Sugar!


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  1. This is a sweet post! I love the pictures of you both together. 🙂

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