When You Don’t Want To

Ever just not want to ____?

Yeah, me too.

Today, my “don’t want to” involves spending hours updating and sorting through a database of over 1000 (so far) names and email addresses for our new ministry newsletter database. Instead, I’d much rather be spending quality time with my husband, calling old friends I haven’t had time to call in months (sad face), writing all the blog posts I thought of this week but didn’t have time to write, be leisurely reading a book, or feeding my Pinterest addiction.

Instead, I’m stuck doing this. I’ve been at this, what seems like a meaningless task,  in my minimal spare time for days. Mind-numbing data entry is getting old – fast. I know it’s important, though. I know it has value and that Jesus wants it done. It’s just not nearly as fun as the other side of what comes with ministry, i.e. getting to be out amongst the people and sharing about His greatness (which I got to do on Wednesday) instead of working on the administrative side of things.

Back in the day, unlike now, I didn’t have a full-time job to do, too, when all these things needed completed. It all can feel very overwhelming at times, and the new book hasn’t even came out yet. I keep pressing on, though, because I know this is where God has me for now. This is where He wants to sanctify me and make me more like Him.

Today’s a good reminder that life isn’t all about what you want to do; it’s about daily taking up your cross daily and being obedient to His will — no matter how you “feel” about it. 

It’s a reminder of how much the Lord has allowed me to walk through so that I could – and now we will – have the opportunities to share of His sovereignty and goodness amidst human suffering to the masses. It’s also a reminder that I married an awesome man, who’s cleaning our bathrooms and mopping our floors while I work (thanks, Baby).

I may not want to, but I’ll go back to my work and be thankful for the life He has given me — databases to which need tended and all.



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