Obedience Is Sexy

Obedience is sexy.

My bold statement may seem odd, but allow me to explain before you cast judgment.

Long story short: We bought the house we never said we would and have been living here for almost 9 months.

Never say never.

As we continue our quest this summer to make this home ours, we are moving onto the room we really don’t even care we own and wish was space utilized in another way. Ah, yes, the dreaded sunroom.

We’ve done a bit in there already but have a long way to go. We installed a steel door leading out to the overhang (aka our patio) this past winter when we decided just a screen door wasn’t sufficient if we want anything of value in that room.  Naturally, the next thing on the list is windows. Since there’s just cheap, drafty storm windows in there now, we obviously need some good windows if we’re going to utilize the room. We don’t want to spend a fortune on windows (or anything else for that matter), since we’re considering this house our “starter” house, but anything is better than what is in there now.

So, a few weeks ago, John set out on his window quote quest. Before he even called anyone out, he did his HW. If you know my husband at all, you know that John Payne does thorough research before he makes any big purchases. He also never – and I repeat never – makes hasty decisions or closes a deal in one day. He moves very methodically and likes to be informed before pulling the trigger.

After enduring hours of having people in our home trying to sell us the BEST WINDOW EVER (one even stood on his window), and several more hours of conversing with John about his research before and after each salesman came, I was at my wit’s end.

I was over it. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate the long hours my husband had put in comparing on the Internet each company’s warranties, installation methods, thickness of glass, and everything else one would ever want to know about a window (and more), not to mention all the hours he’d spent at the kitchen table with each window salesman. I have always loved how serious John takes his responsibility to lead our family and be a good steward of our finances. I just didn’t want to talk about windows anymore. I appreciated that he valued my opinion, but to be honest, on this issue, I really didn’t have one and prayed he’d formulate his soon.

We’d had 3 quotes and were set on just having one more. I was waiting for the day I could walk the last salesman out the door, than him for his time, shut the door and proclaim, “Thank you, Lord! It’s over!”

I was wrong.

The next day John went to work and began watching a sermon online during his lunch hour, something he does quite frequently. When he turned the sermon on, lo and behold, the pastor had a shirt on (surprise, I know)…but it wasn’t the fact he had a shirt on, it was what was on his shirt. What, you ask?


Naturally, upon seeing this, most would take this as a reference to Jesus being the Champion over the grave and sin or something Biblical. Unless you’re my husband. He automatically saw it as a sign from God that he was to have a window company, from which we’d just decided we didn’t need a quote, out to our house. Its name, you ask? Champion, of course.

Unbeknownst to me, John had asked the Lord that morning to direct him if he didn’t have a sufficient amount of information to make a decision. His parents had mentioned Champion, but since we thought four quotes was more than sufficient, we were ready to make a decision once the last company came…or so I thought.

John came to me and told me what had happened. He said he wasn’t really sure if God truly had spoken to him through a shirt, or if he was making more out of it than he should, but he really wanted to have Champion out. I could tell he felt pretty silly telling his story, but I found it extremely endearing, even if that meant another slick salesman had to come lecture us about windows for an hour.

Of course between the time he scheduled the 5th quote and the 3rd salesman, there was a 4th company that visited. They were a locally owned business, John was really was impressed with the product, and after some haggling,  they were within our price range. They were the best quote so far by far. Logic would say to just end the madness and go with quote #4.

John didn’t let logic sway his decision to obey. Champion was still coming.

During the week we waited for the 5th company to come, we talked a lot about how John having them come probably had more to do with him just being open to listening to His voice (even if it seems illogical)  than necessarily Champion’s windows being more superior than the others.

Tonight was the meeting, and like we suspected, Champion’s  not a competitive bid. John was, however, able to share his story with the salesman when the salesman asked what brought him out. Needless to say, we won’t be buying Champion windows, and many would see the 5th quote as a waste of time, but I don’t.


Obedience is sexy.


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