Casey Anthony: It Could Have Been Me

“That could have been you.”

Those are the words the Lord spoke over me when I was discussing with Him how incensed I was over Casey Anthony being found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, or aggravated manslaughter of a child.

My reply: “Are you kidding me? Not hardly.”

Now, not only was I angry with the jury, I was outraged of God’s accusation, but on the other hand, I was happy He agreed with me that she was guilty, or so I thought.

I was wrong. God wasn’t confirming to me Casey’s guilt.

No, He was dealing with my false belief that, although in my mind Casey killed Caylee (which in reality is only truly known by God, Casey and a maybe a hand full of others), I was somehow better.

Even though my flesh doesn’t like it, whether Casey Anthony is a killer or not is between her and God. She’s been found not guilty, at least of the most serious crimes, by a jury of her peers. Once she serves the rest of her time for the crimes for which she was found guilty, she’ll be out of jail. Honestly, the thought of her back out in society, and not on death row, makes me sick.

It’s reality, though. The trial’s over. Truly guilty or not, Casey is going to be a free woman.

Unlike what I’d like to believe, apart from God’s grace, I’m not above the capacity to commit a heinous crime such as the one committed – by whomever – against Caylee Anthony.

This morning watching Casey being sentenced for the 4 counts for which she was found guilty, the anger returned. The Lord then reminded me once more of my inability to do anything purely good on my own. I found myself praying for Casey, something I will continue to do every time I feel outraged over the outcome of the trial.

I’ll be honest. My feelings haven’t changed. I still think Casey’s guilty, but my perspective has been changed.

After all, it could have been me.



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4 responses to “Casey Anthony: It Could Have Been Me

  1. You have once again brought tears to my eyes! This expressed many of my feelings and views on the topic and also allowed me to broaden my thinking a bit. We are all sinners and God is right…It could have been me. Thank you again for providing a Godly perspective to such a talked about topic!

  2. Rosanne Bowman

    Actually, unless my mind snapped, I don’t think I am capable of cold blooded murder. Now losing my cool and doing something in the heat of the moment that resulted in a tragic accident – yeah, I could see that possibly happening. But cold blooded murder of my child – not so much. Unless, as I said, my mind snapped or something. But really, while we all want someone to pay for what happened to little Caylee, the truth is I am GLAD we aren’t guilty until PROVEN innocent. The prosecution, from what I’ve gone back and read, left reasonable doubt. I didn’t watch the trial at all but read some transcripts (is that what they are called?)
    . I don’t know if Casey is guilty or not. What I do know is God is the ultimate judge – both perfectly just and perfectly merciful and I’m good with the fact that He has the final say in all of this. As I read facebook posts and other posts on other boards, the person that repeatedly came to my mind was Barrabas. He was guilty and went free too and Jesus died in his place. I’ve aways wondered what he did with his second chance.

    • I certainly don’t think I’m capable of murdering a child, either, but I think we have to be careful relying too heavily on what we believe is – or isn’t – within our realm of capacity & daily remember we were born with a sin nature, a nature that is capable of far worse than we could ever imagine, and be thankful for merciful God who saved us. Besides, like you said, I think I’d have to snap, too, to hurt a child, but who’s to say I couldn’t have snapped if I was under Satan’s control & not living & abiding in the Spirit. Satan loves working through the breakdown of the mind.

      I’m glad as well that we aren’t the Judge! If this comment didn’t make much sense, I’m typing on my phone right before bed & right after we had people over all evening. I cab explain better tomorrow, if need be! 🙂

  3. Norma

    Its funny because though I was sickened by that verdict I immediately thought….wow God is just showing HE is the ultimate judge and jury. I pray that she actually isn’t guilty, though it is hard for me to believe based on her actions. The beauty of God is that even if she is guilty its not impossible for me to see Casey in heaven when I get there because He is the ultimate forgiver. I keep her in my prayers that she have the strength to keep going through this situation. It has to be terrible to have the WHOLE world literally hate you and at the end of the day she has to sleep with the fact that her gift from God is not only dead but died terribly. I know my God has a bigger purpose with this situation…Im just waiting for Him to show us what it is.

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