Freedom in Community

Quick note:
Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to “get naked” with me this past weekend. I really appreciate your willingness to be transparent. Thanks a bunch! Also thanks to those who started on their Christmas shopping early and put in orders for products from my home business to keep it up and going! 😀


That’s how I feel after my last post. If you allowed yourself to “get naked” emotionally-speaking I’m sure you feel the same.

It’s amazing what a little honesty can do — for you and for others.

I like being the kind of person with whom people feel the permission to speak freely, openly, honestly, truthfully,  and all the other “lys”.


Because openly admitting our fears, mistakes, struggles, etc. and allowing others to do the same without judgement,  helps us realize we’re not self-sufficient and helps make us whole through Christ.

Jesus meant for us to live in community, after all.

Since I work from home and don’t get to see nearly as many people as to which I used to be accustomed, I find myself feeling very isolated at times (even sad). Though this time in my life can prove difficult, there are benefits. For instance, I’ve grown a deeper appreciation for the ability to converse with the human race — whether face-to-face (always the best way) or even through a medium such as this.

Although I won’t spill all the beans on my blog, I am willing to take the risk of being more honest than most for the benefit of others feeling freedom to do the same through Jesus’ name.

If you don’t want to bare all here, I get that. I really do. Please just find someone with whom you can confide, with whom you can be real. I’ll continue being honest, though, and be willing to tackle the hard and not-always-so-fun issues.

Thanks for being a small part of my community. 🙂


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