Help, please. 🙂

If you recall, a while ago I started a home business through Thirty-One to help pay off my hubby’s school debt faster, so that we’re in a better place financially to adopt at least one, if not two, of our children.

Thankfully, it started out really well, but business has definitely slowed down.

A lot.

Now, granted, I haven’t been really promoting the products as much as I could – or should have – been. There’s just been a lot of other things on my mind, in particular revising this and getting the ministry back up and running for the re-release Lord-willing this Fall (stay tuned for details!). 

I knew I wanted to really push the business in the Fall, as our products, the majority of them able to be personalized, make great Christmas gifts…but as for the Summer, was planning on just being available to take orders if and when anyone wanted anything.

Anyway, in the hubbub of life, I kind of lost track of my sales requirements.


I now need to place an order of at least $75 by the end of the month to stay an active consultant.

Can you help me, please?

The products are super cute and, more importantly, are very functional for many, many different uses!

The company is faith-based, which I love, and I hope to continue working as one of their consultants.

I realize money’s tight for many, many people, but if you have been thinking about getting a gift for yourself, a friend, a teacher, a neighbor, a friend of a friend, etc., please consider ordering one from Thirty-One!

If you have any questions regarding the June special or anything else, please feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook.




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2 responses to “Help!

  1. Hey Amber! If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, maybe if you announce on facebook that you would like to help people find the perfect wedding gift, baby/bridal shower gift etc etc you might have some luck! Those are two events that a lot of people celebrate over the summer and personalized gifts would be perfect for each occasion. You absolutely don’t have to take this advice, but people might me more excited about YOU helping THEM, than the other way around. Does that make sense? I hope so! Good luck girly!

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