Competence matters.

Dealing with health insurance companies is frustrating enough when the ones with whom you’re speaking are helpful.

Now imagine dealing with a company that has people telling you 5 different things, can’t clearly define their own coverage, and also fails to properly educate those who are supposed to be representing them to their patrons in their area.

Not fun – at all.

Needless to say, it’s been a long week. Take that back, long 6 months or so.

Answers, albeit not the ones I wanted, finally came on Friday. Thank you, Shalonda, for your competence. I hope your superiors, to whom I wrote a long, detailed letter, take my recommendation for giving you a raise to heart. You deserve it. You should be paid to give your coworkers, along with hundreds that represent your company, a seminar, so they, too, can understand what you explained so easily.  The rest of them seem to be sadly in the dark and need to be shown the light.

I’m glad we’re no longer being given the run-around but also sad that we were strung along for so long and that others have inevitably been affected, as well.

Bottom line: Competence matters. Bosses, educate your people – at all levels. If you have too many people under you, make sure you’ve hired people who are responsible enough to educate those under them. Employees, know your limitations and don’t act like you know about, or worse yet educate others on, something of which you really know nothing at all.

Following these simple rules will make all of our lives much, much easier.






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