Extreme Couponing


I love them. I use them. I highly advocate their use by you, too.

…that is, their proper use.

In light of TLC debuting their new season of Extreme Couponing this week, this blog post has blown up.

In my opinion, with good reason.

Coupon fraud seems to be the new white-collar crime.

To be honest, I’m a reformed perpetrator.

No, I didn’t use $10 Crest White Strip Coupons on Tide, like a star of the TLC show, but using the $.50 off coupon for a similar item (say a pack of 2 Venus razors instead of 4 or more) – instead of the exact listed item – used to be a habit in my grocery shopping that I don’t condone or recommend. I was even worse at offering up expired coupons and walking out with savings that really didn’t belong to me.

My old – and wrong – thought process went something like this:
“If the cashier is dumb enough to take it, I’m going to use it.”


God knew, and I did, too, even though I didn’t want to admit it.

What I wanted to view as a speck in my eye, the Lord saw as a huge plank. I was a thief and in need of His forgiveness.

Several months ago, he dealt with me on my faulty reasoning. No, my sin did not have the same consequences as if I would have robbed an actual person, but it was wrong nonetheless.

Once I’d confessed my sin, I turned from my old ways. I stopped my fraudulent use of coupons and have actually saved our family more money in the past few months than ever before; this time all with the proper, careful use of good coupons and help from a local coupon class.

Yes, I sat through a 3 hour class to learn more about couponing.

While many may think my attendance at such a class is “extreme”, as in crazy, I think it was smart.

Extremely smart.

So, my advice for you this weekend:

Join the extreme couponing rage — just be ethical in your practices.

The cashiers may be naive, but God will not be mocked.

Happy Shopping!





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2 responses to “Extreme Couponing

  1. Thanks for sharing how the Lord convicted you on this, Amber! It’s important to pay attention to the Holy Spirit’s voice, even on those “little” things.
    I totallt want to take a coupning class! Where did you find that class?

    • Callie,

      The class was put together by a girl with whom I graduated high school, so I was blessed in the sense I really didn’t have to “look” long and hard for it. I just saw it advertised on Facebook, and it happened to be held at my church, too, so everything worked out great!

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