That’s the word I’d used to describe this week.

Ever had a migraine? If so, I feel your pain – literally.

I had one Saturday night – Monday night and then again all day yesterday (Friday). Migraine pain is debilitating. It’s torturous. It’s just plain no fun. I’m just not a huge fan of seeing dots and having to hide in a cave, aka a dark room,  what about you? Thankfully, I have an understanding boss that didn’t question why I had take so much time off work this week. Thank you, Carla. 🙂

Alas, living in Ohio in March never works out for me.  One day it’s 20 degrees; the next day it’s 60. Besides just being annoying, the extreme change in barometric pressure takes my very sensitive sinuses over the edge to the point they rebel. Considering I usually only get 1-2 migraines the whole year, and I had 2 bad ones this week, I hope I’ve met my quota and will be good-to-go for the rest of Spring. Oh, wait, it’s not even Spring yet – great.

So, as long as my head treats me better, I should be back to my blogging next week. 🙂



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