Pure Romance

In honor of Valentine’s Day,  a post about my favorite things my husband and I share.

  • Jesus – He’s the Center of our home and individual lives. Without him, we wouldn’t have even dated, let alone got married.
  • Desire to be used by Him – We both work full time, and we strive to see our day job as not only our source of income but also as our “mission field”.  We both loving having a small group over to our house for prayer and fellowship every Monday night. Beyond that, we also see the value in telling our story through Breathtaking and Breathtaking Ministries, Inc.
  • Touch – The only time we’re together and not sharing some form of touch is for around an hour on Friday night, when he’s driving the cart (or “buggy”, as he calls it) at the store, and I’m flipping through the ad and my coupons. We even cuddle all night long; no sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed here! I’m thankful that our physical relationship is pure, sacrificial, and a way to worship our Creator!
  • Desire For Kids – We both love children and look forward to welcoming them into our home in His timing.
  • Bluntness – We’re beyond blunt with each other, but it works for us and brings us closer together. Being passive aggressive isn’t how we roll, but we are also learning the value of being honest with each other, yet tactful, at the same time.
  • Drive – We’re both over-achievers and expect a lot out of ourselves. This can prove detrimental, if we don’t remember grace for ourselves or the other, but it helps being one with someone who sees the value in a hard day’s work and in the necessity of Sabbath, too.
  • Team Spirit – We don’t “compete” with the other or live separate lives. Instead, we work as a team and help the other as much as possible, whether tangibly or emotionally-speaking. Though we believe in, and practice spiritual headship in our home, part of this “team spirit” means I don’t have to do all the housework. John is more than willing to help on the weekends and is the only one in our house that cleans the bathrooms! I am blessed!
  • Frugality – We both see the value in saving money and paying off debt. Although our frugal practices can be a bit extreme at times, we have already reaped the benefits of saying “no”, even if we have the money to spend.
  • Simplicity – We’re completely comfortable with each other and our rather simple life. There’s nothing I have to “prove” to my husband. He just loves me for me, even when I look like a bum, which is often since I work from home.

I’m sure there are more things I’m forgetting, but that’s a good list.

Here’s a picture of us this past weekend! We went to the symphony with FREE tickets! 🙂

If you don’t have a significant other, I know this day can be hard. I feel for you. I do. I’ve been there and not all that terribly long ago. I know nothing anyone says will make you feel any better, but I pray that God fills your heart with His love for you not only today but every day. His love for you is the purest you’ll ever find. Humans fail, but He remains the same.

If you do have a significant other, and they’re not your spouse, honor God and respect and love them enough to save some mystery for the marriage bed. Pure romance isn’t based on lust or fulfilling your own needs.  Use restraint and Christ-filled words to show your affection, not your body. Ask Him to purify your mind every day, so that you’re able to withstand temptation and do His will.

If you have a spouse, make sure to let them know how much you love them, both in words and in action, every day of your marriage. Today’s just kind of a “reminder” of what we should all already know to do. Enjoy the marriage bed and the freedom God has given us there. Serve your spouse sacrificially, inside and outside of the bedroom, and thank Him for the privilege to do so.  If you’re struggling to find the fun in S-E-X, pray He changes your heart and helps you see the value in being “one” with your spouse. If you or your spouse have been abused in the past, and struggle with past hurt and/or insecurities, ask the Lord to help you through those intense emotions, as well.

Whatever your relationship status, have a pure Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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  1. What a great post! Thanks for sharing this!

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