Snow Lessons

If you live in most parts of the nation, the past couple days have been treacherous to say the least.

The worst for us came yesterday afternoon through early this morning. After a heavy snow Monday night, freezing rain and sleet crippled our area for hours on end. Periods of light snow flurries and the bitter cold has since followed.

I don’t care what “Buckeye Chuck” says, Spring does not feel near – at all.

Due to the wild weather, even my husband had the day off today. The state court system rarely closes, but with a Level 2 snow emergency out for our county, the administration decided it wasn’t worth the risk having the employees come in. My work has been slow as of late, so I was able to take the day off, too.

There wasn’t really anything too tantalizing that occurred today — until around 2:30pm.

I was on the phone with a good friend that is getting her Ph.D. in Canada and is getting ready to leave for a two-month stint in China when John came in from his time outside “shoveling” (aka spending a great amount of time trying to scrape thick ice off of our car, driveway and sidewalk). It was clear that John had something he wanted to tell me, but since I was almost done with my conversation, I asked him to hold on a minute.

Once I was off the phone and settled into my spot on the couch, he startled rambling about his adventures outside. I could tell something was wrong. There was no reason why I needed all the details about the density of the ice he just scraped. Not that I wasn’t appreciative, but I know my husband — something was off. So, in the middle of his diatribe, I stopped him.

Me: “What did you break?”

His response: “Well, if you had done this, I would have wanted to kill you (he’s really not violent), so I can understand that you’re going to be upset.”

Me: (in my head) “Great”…or maybe that was out loud.

Long story short: He proceeds to tell me that while thawing out my car which was covered in ice (again, thank you, Babe), he got an idea which basically has left poor Sandy’s (my 2001 Mazda Protege E.S.) hood scarred from the ordeal.

By what, you ask?

A shovel.

Usually my husband is a very reasonable, logical man, but the wind must have gone to his head and caused a slight lapse in thinking (just kidding, sort of). As he was telling me about his skewed reasoning for using the shovel, I could tell that he was sincerely upset with himself for maiming our car. I wasn’t exactly thrilled, either.

I’m told the damage is ” a bit severe”, but my husband can be a little dramatic (it’s not just me, really), so maybe it’s not as bad as he’s made it seem.  At the time of his confession, he said we could go look at it together, but because I love him and didn’t want to be upset, I said I just wasn’t ready to do that quite yet. A few hours later, I still haven’t gone outside.

I can’t be too mad, though, because it’s not the car hasn’t been injured before. 2009 was a really, really bad driving year for me. Let’s just say after years of not even getting a ticket, I had 2 accidents in a 4 month span, both leaving the front end of my car in a mangled mess. I was going 5-15 (John would say more, but he wasn’t there) miles an hour max in both accidents, and it looked like I plowed into someone at 60mph.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, and I  know wonderful men who were able to fix the car for probably less than half of the cost, but still, not my finest moments. State Farm is still making us pay for my mistakes. Is it 2012 yet?

Needless to say, the shovel-attacked hood is not exactly the car’s first one.

So, even though I wasn’t happy about the shovel attacking my car,

I chose to forgive.

After all, good marriages come not from two people who are perfect but, instead, both choosing to forgive quickly.

I chose to forgive and always will.

Like I told John, “It’s just a car.”

Besides, now the spot on the trunk where not only the paint, but the clear coating, came off , caused by the egging we experienced in our old neighborhood 4 days before we moved out (no, neighbors, I do not miss you), has a twin.

It’s all about character, people.



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2 responses to “Snow Lessons

  1. Amber, you inspire me! My wife is a lot like you. I backed my truck right into her car one time and she very quickly forgave me. God does call us to be quick to forgive…just as He is to us!

    I also found it interesting that your husband works in the State Court system. I also work for a court.

  2. This post makes me smile. You are too cute.

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