One Question

I love the feel and smell of new books.

I could live in a pile of books and be content. As a writer, there’s nothing that inspires me more than putting pen to the page, than reading the prose of others who have gone before or those who are still living and wrestling through their thoughts.Β  I don’t even have to necessarily agree with the author. If they’re honest and passionate about their message, their story, then I can respect their fervor; not necessarily agree with but respect it nonetheless.

Simply put, books make me plain happy.

I received two books in the mail today and am so excited about reading them! My current choices are One Thousand Gifts (been waiting on this for a long time!) and 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

What’s more exciting is the fact that both of them were FREE! Thank you, Swag Bucks!

I’m not sure how long they’ll go unread, considering the after-the-snow-ice/snow-storm (better known as a “winter lasagna” by my pastor) that will be bearing down on our quaint, brick home the next thirty-six hours or so. I may have some extra reading time on my hands. Darn. πŸ™‚

As John and I gear up to re-release my book, my mind is filled with a million thoughts and questions. Will people buy it? Will people care? Will they like the new cover?Β  Will anyone ask me to speak ever again? Are we just re-hashing the past for no good reason? What’s after this, Lord? The list goes on.

What I’m re-learning through it all, though, is one simple truth.

Only 1 question matters:

Am I trying to please or impress men or glorify God?

My answer to that question is the most crucial decision I make every day, new book or not. Because you know what? No, some people won’t get why we’re re-launching Breathtaking and not doing something new from the get-go. Some people won’t buy it; OK, a LOT of people won’t buy it…but I sure hope some of you will. It would encourage my hubby, not to mention me! πŸ™‚

In the end, what matters is that I’m obedient, that my mind is steadfast on Him (Is. 26:3) and the work He has for me.

I’m just thankful that “work” for me involves books, and that Breathtaking, the Revised Edition is only the beginning.



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3 responses to “One Question

  1. I’m reading One Thousand Gifts right now and am thoroughly enjoying it. I’m a book lover as well. I’m kind of hoping we all get snowed in too so I can read a bit! When will your book be re-released? I’d love to get a copy.

  2. I’m with you on loving the smell of new books – I admit that I used to just bury my nose in the pages of a new book (literally) and take a deep breath. It’s just so musty and woodsy and good-smelling!
    Definitely keep us posted on the re-release! i’d like to read it as well. πŸ™‚

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