“Go Fearlessly”

If you’ve been reading the blog this year, you know that, after much thought, the “word” I picked for 2011 is “fearless“.

A few Saturday mornings ago when my husband and I were in the kitchen making blueberry pancakes (my new obsession),when he abruptly and loudly proclaims, “The Lord showed me my word for this year. It’s “Go, Go, Go!”

Now, before you say, “That not one word.” I know.

So did he, but that’s how he described his “word” to me. I think it was said in a sequence for the sake of emphasis.

So, if you put my word and his together, you get “Go Fearlessly.”

This would make sense, since the first month of the year isn’t even over and we have a lot of new, somewhat intimidating irons already in the fire or setting on the back burner waiting for God’s direction. I’m excited, though, because I know that God has much in store for the us as a couple and me as an individual. We just have to be obedient and go fearlessly when He asks. We aren’t going to know how it’s all going to turn out beforehand, because that wouldn’t require any trust on our part, and besides, it would be any fun, either. 🙂


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  1. Hmm this is where Dylan and I are at currently. I feel like we are in a period with lots of transitions and lots of faith and contentment is required. It seems so difficult to “Go Fearlessly” when things seem so hazy in life. Maybe my word(s) should be “without doubt” cause it’s so easy for me to doubt. The Lord is definitely providing, though:)

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