Tuna & Obedience

I know what you’re thinking…

“Why in the world is she going to write about tuna, and what does that have to do with obedience?”

For me, obedience right now means one thing: tuna.

I know, right, you wish God would have chosen you for this lesson! Please contain your jealousy.

Let me explain:
I went for my 5 year transplant check-up last Monday and learned a few things:

  • I don’t have cancer. They check me once-a-year. We’ll get back to the “why” behind that.
  • My lung function is well over 100%, which is basically unheard of for double lung transplant recipients.
  • I wasn’t aware, but I guess it’s also basically unheard for transplant patients to be taken off of insulin once they’ve been put on. I contracted predinisone-induced diabetes after my transplant, due to my medication, but now, I don’t need insulin – at all. Yes, another miracle. Chalk it all up to God, not me.
  • My Epstein Barr Virus levels are hovering around 66,000; normal is 0-500.

The last point is a cause of concern. Certain types of cancer and/or MS have been known as health conditions developed by those with high EBV levels.

Not to mention, it’s just plain not fun to be tired all the time and/or irritable when you’re not trying to be an emotional basketcase. It’s frustrating to work-out 5-7 days a week and look like you haven’t been to a gym in 3 months….or at times, years. It’s frustrating when your weight decides to go up 5 lbs. in 1 week for no apparent reason, even if it goes back down, again for no apparent reason, a few days later. It’s frustrating when you just don’t feel pretty, no matter how much your husband says he loves your marshmallow legs. It’s frustrating when for a couple weeks you feel great, and then you wake up one morning with 10 random bruises all over your body and you and your husband say at the same time, “EBV”. It’s frustrating when it seems like it’s one step forward, three steps back. ‘Tis the life of one with chronic EBV.

My physicians have never seemed too worried about my EBV levels. They’ve been this high before, several times. It comes and goes, it seems.  It’s always been the same thing: I complain of being tired and losing muscle, they test me, it’s high, but they see my other statistic-shattering numbers, and to them, this is just a minor glitch in the system. Thankfully, though, my new main doctor seems to want to get to the bottom of it, though the man who came before him is a world-renown transplant director and couldn’t seem to figure it out. He decided to lower my predinisone a bit more, which they said they’d never do (again, a miracle), “to see what that does”. Their guess is as good as mine.

So, for now, I research how to best take care of my EBV-ridden body and believe that, just as God as performed too many miracles to count in my life before, He will do it again – in His timing, not mine.

While I wait, I eat tuna religiously, not because I want to, but because its low-fat and extreme amounts of protein are what is best for me. I eat tuna out of obedience, because I’ve been called to be a good steward of my temple.

What He called you to do today? Hopefully it’s not to eat tuna, like me. : -)

Regardless, don’t be afraid to step out and trust Him!




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  1. jeff

    I saw you on life today about a year ago. I look at you in amazement in the incredible work of God in you. You are a great blessing to many, I still am not sure what the lords purpose is for me but I have an idea, I am 51 and know that once I know that purpose fully I cam glorify him fully. may god keep blessing you and your husband.

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