Q & A – Answers: Part 1

Thank you for everyone who participated in my little Q&A session here at the blog.

Now, it’s time for some answers, which will come in a few installments.

First of all, thank you Cindy, for responding to Laura in her time of need. Laura, I was not trying to abandon you! I was going to respond last week but saw Cindy already had come alongside of you. I wanted to let her words sink in. Now, a few days later, I don’t even know, at least at this point, if I feel like there’s anything I can add to Cindy’s eloquent and theologically-sound response.

Laura, your response to Cindy was so beautiful.

You said, “What a great reminder that what we see as pointless is anything but in God’s plan. So I will stop asking why and start asking “what.” As in “God, what do you want me to learn, change, do?

I pray we all look to your example and continue to ask God not to necessarily change our circumstances but to change us in the midst of them. Thank you for being humble and teachable.

Laura, you also asked me the following questions:

  • My favorite movie – A Walk To Remember, for so many reasons! : -)  In fact, in college, I had a good, male friend whose nickname for me was “A Walk To Remember”….the story just really hits close to home.
  • What you and your husband like to do on date night. John and I really don’t have “date nights”.  I guess I look at every night like a date night, really. We’ve really have made it a point to spend the first year of our marriage laying a good foundation built on Christ, so that we’re able to not only withstand trials that have – and will continue – to come, but also so that we’re better-equipped to minister to others once we re-launch the ministry (more on that later). Our intentionality in this area causes us to spend the majority of our free-time together. We cook dinner together. We go to Meijer and Aldi on most Friday nights together. We pray and study the Word together. We listen to sermons together. We play together. We work things out together and grow closer to Jesus together. That’s not to say we don’t have lives (spiritually and socially) outside of each other; we do, as I believe we should. It’s just we make each other, after the Lord,  our #1 priority. This means time with our family and friends comes second to our marriage. I still love my friends, and I’ll always be a socialite, but I’m no longer seeing a dozen friends a week during the evening or spending hours talking on the phone or texting. I am honestly usually giving my undivided attention to just one, John. We just see the value in living a simplistic life as one, especially right now in the infancy of our union. Oneness to us is about more than sex, much more, though we find that God-honoring and very important, too….but that’s another post for another time.

Cindy, you asked:

  • Is there ever a possibility that you and John will get involved in a marriage ministry? Write a book together or anything like that?

John actually will answer this:
He says,Yes, those are both things we have been praying about.  Right now, our focus is on revising and updating “Breathtaking”.  After that, we will see where God leads, but we definitely have a heart for Christ-centered marriages, especially in such a time as this.”
We haven’t really told very many people we’re planning on re-launching the book, and consequently the ministry, so count yourselves as privileged to be some of the first ones to know. Be watching for updates on this! We’re extremely excited for what God is doing. He has already opened many doors in the past month or so, and we expect Him to continue to do so – for our good and, more importantly, His glory.

For now, I am going to skip your questions, Cindy, on publishing …I’ll answer them next time, don’t worry!

Wanda, you asked a slew of questions – thank you! : -) I will answer those next time, as well.

Your questions:

Are you writing a book now?
If so what is it about?
What are some of your likes and dislikes?
Your hobbies, interests?
Where do you like to vacation?

Tell us a little-known fact about yourself that readers may not know.
What are you currently reading?

Do you grow flowers or vegetables?
What are your favorite flowers?


Again, answers to these and Cindy’s publishing “how-to” questions are yet to come!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.



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  1. Great idea, thanks for this post!

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